Independent Restaurant Solutions will provide a Content Management System comprised of the website and search engine optimization. We will work with you to develop content. We will then optimize that content for optimal Search Engine exposure. Any photography that you have would be helpful however; we also do professional photography. All images, whether provided by you or taken by us will be ‘Alt Text’ optimized. It is also recommended that a video, if available, be provided (but not required) to further enhance Search Engine Optimization. If you do not have any videos, we can shoot it for you but the editing would be an additional fee. The website developed by Independent Restaurant Solutions will be a “responsive design” so that it will be mobile and tablet friendly. The website will be submitted to Google as part of the set up. As part of the design process, Independent Restaurant Solutions will submit to you, themes and content for review and approval. Once the website is developed and released, Independent Restaurant Solutions will generate content and optimize that content for Google.

The greatest common denominator to success for a business in a digital world is to be found online. If a potential client or customer can’t find you, they certainly cannot buy from you. Of course, you could pay the various search engines for top search results. However, there is a financial liability associated with this, one that many businesses find cost prohibitive and once you stop paying, you fall back down into the bowels of the search engine abyss. As a result, you stay mired in the muck of digital monotony, hoping for the best. There is an agency however, that cuts through the double talk and empty promises so many clients have been forced to endure. 

Independent Restaurant Solutions exposes two myths. First, that just being on the Internet in the form of a website, blog or social media page guarantees you great search results and an endless stream of new and repeat patrons. Second, that you have to hire a high end media firm that charges exorbitant fees and consistently pay for top search results. When they solicited your business, they probably made all kinds of promises regarding the results you could expect, insinuating that their firm is the silver bullet to great search results. The fact is, there is no silver bullet to consistently great search results; there is only hard work and constant learning. 

Our approach is simple. We stay on top of the latest changes that Google implements to their algorithm. Then, we play by their rules. We use only White Hat methods including adding consistently relevant content, ensuring consistently pertinent search results. If Google doesn’t know enough about your business based on your current online presence, they may not return your business listing as a relevant search result. Google’s objective is to return the most relevant search results every time someone searches. They want you to get found. If they do not achieve this, the person searching may go to another search engine, i.e., Bing or Yahoo.